CHERNG LONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. является одним из известных производителей, поставщиков и экспортеров Текстильно Химикаты, с заводом в Taiwan. Имея многолетний опыт в производстве, мы известны своей выдающейся производительностью в отрасли. Мы помогли себе как один из ведущих брендов в Taiwan. Мы постоянно обновляем нашу продукцию, чтобы она соответствовала международным стандартам. У нас есть команда профессионалов, которая обеспечивает своевременные и качественные поставки. Наша искренность и упорный труд помогли нам добиться соответствия нашего качества международным стандартам.


Vision and culture

Chernglong's vision : Use the understanding of special chemicals to become the best partner of customers, and then improve the quality of people's lives.

Five cultures

  • Honesty --- This is our most basic and important concept. We do not exaggerate or show off. Say what it says is what it says, and demand employee character.
  • Quality --- We are willing to make every effort to provide excellent specialty chemicals services and establish long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers.
  • Innovation --- Innovation is the source of social progress. We are happy to discuss with customers to develop more excellent and innovative specialty chemicals.
  • Service --- Customers are our partners, and we regard their success as Chenglong's success. We strive to become a long-term and important partner trusted by our customers.
  • Commitment --- We stick to our commitments to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society. Work together towards the goal of making the world a better place.

Company history
  • 1982  The company was founded. Committed to the production and research and development of resins and softeners, and sell them in the form of distributors.
  • 1988  The finishing line of special chemicals tends to be complete and enters the production and research and development of special processing chemicals (fire prevention, water repellent).
  • 1991  The new plant in Zhongli was completed. Concentrate on resins and special chemicals that meet environmental protection requirements, and eliminate products that are not environmentally friendly.
  • 1993  Pre-processing, printing and dyeing, finishing and special processing special chemicals are perfect, providing customers with one-stop shopping service.
  • 2001  Environmentally friendly fire retardants are complete for each fiber.
  • 2005  Environment-friendly fluorine water repellent is complete for each fiber.
  • 2007  The business department was established to provide services for customized products.
  • 2017  Enter the papermaking and non-woven fabric processing application market.
  • 2019  Import ISO9001:2015


No. 132 , Futian Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City

Technical Services

Service goals :

  • Research and develop various high value-added specialty chemicals.
  • Assist customers to reduce costs and reduce pollution.
  • Make customers more competitive.

Service items :

  • Development of water repellent for various fabrics.
  • Development of fire retardants for various fabrics.
  • Formulated according to customer needs, customized special chemical development.
  • Optimize customer manufacturing procedures, reduce costs, reduce resource usage, and reduce pollution.
  • Use our accumulated experience in the textile industry to provide customers with solutions to problems.
Наша искренность и упорный труд помогли нам соответствовать качеству наших

Текстильно Химикаты

с международными стандартами. В соответствии с различными требованиями производства мы предлагаем вам безупречные услуги.